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Letzte Aktualisierung:: September 11, 2009
Ort:  Los Angeles, CA
Job-Typ  Vollzeit
Reisen:  Nicht angegeben
Positions-ID:  512043-410513
Job-Niveau:  Management
Anzahl der Öffnungen:  1
Anzahl Jahre Erfahrung:  5 bis 7 Jahre
Ausbildungniveau:  Studienerfahrung
Anfangsdatum:  September 28, 2009

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The dental office manager will provide general supervision of all other business aspects of the practice, including, but not limited to:
Supervising the work of the scheduling coordinator - seeing that scheduling is done properly, recare is maintained, and that all patient contacts are kept up.
Managing collections, patient financing, and any related matters.
Hiring and supervising the work of employees, including cleaning personnel.
Controlling the expense of inventory.
Analyzing practice vital signs monthly, and implementing policies to
improve the financial health of the practice.
Tracking vital signs on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis, to show
trends, to recognize successful performance by staff members, and to uncover problem areas in the practice before they become serious.
Handling all work schedule matters, including vacation and sick days, unpaid
leave, and paid time off.
The dental office manager will assign business office tasks to clinical personnel during their free time.
"Purging" (contacting patients who have not completed dental work that they have been diagnosed as needing)
Calling patients for recare appointments
Assisting with birthday cards, statements, or other clerical tasks.

The dental office manager will manage payroll. Specifically:
Supervise the work of our payroll service company and communicate with them so that payroll checks are correct and timely.
See that government reports, payroll taxes, and related matters are processed correctly.
Handle all related payroll items such as employee documentation, federal regulations, workmen's compensation, etc.
Monitor and regulate employees' use of sick days, vacation days, and unpaid leave.



5+ years experience within dental office as manager

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